We envision a nurturing environment in which students are receiving an excellent education and being challenged to reach their full potential – intellectually, physically, socially, and morally.

Our partnership with parents and community to provide appropriate learning opportunities for students is part of our philosophy to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.


We inspire to become a leading school to work with families and the community to successfully educate our diverse student body to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to the world.


Our values are the acronyms that come from the name of our school ALIA:

Accepting individual differences.

Learning to keep a smile on our faces.

Identifying and addressing strengths/weaknesses and engaging students in meaningful learning activities.

Always working as a team.



Alia’s curriculum is a developmental-based program concerned with the development of the whole child, emphasizing social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth. 

Where the journey begins with a safe and positive learning environment

  • An ability to work independently
  • Strong student agency
  • An understanding of social
    expectations within the academic

Curricula designed to meet
21st-century expectations

  • Actively pursues the development of new knowledge, understanding, and skills.
  • Adopts a critical thinking approach to
    solving problems
  • Demonstrates strong listening and
    communication skills.
  • Effectively uses available technologies
  • Interacts effectively with faculty  & peers
  • Exhibits admirable personal traits

A campus that fosters excellence and inspires peak performance.

  • Able to solve problems and create value
  • Committed and flexible learners
  • Embrace diversity
  • Personally and socially responsible
  • Inquisitive scholars
  • Composed and well rounded
  • Strong communicators, leaders, and

Our Management

Dr. Ashraf Labana


We are honored to welcome Dr. Ashraf Labana on board as the school Principal. Dr. Ashraf Labana has got both masters and professional Doctorate in the field of management of educational institutes.

 Dr. Ashraf has a vast experience working in IB schools and the education field for 34 years now. His dedication and commitment allows him to face new challenges and to reach new goals.

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Dr. Rania Alkhalifa


The Education Sector in Bahrain is passing through an important time whereby we are assisting to a number of changes. However, these changes require the strengthening of our workforce mainly the teaching profession on two levels: first level those who have been in the teaching profession continue to upgrade their skills to adapt to these changes and implement these changes into the classroom and on second level those who are pursuing their studies as teachers are well prepared to enter the classroom and become the educators of Bahrain’s future society.

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Alia National School

Alia’s curriculum is a developmental-based program concerned with the development of the whole child, emphasizing social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth.

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“Fully Accredited by (or) Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges”


 Alia National School
Building 301 Road 1111 Block 611,
AlHamriyah, Kingdom of Bahrain.

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