Director's Message

Message by the Director


The Education Sector in Bahrain is passing through an important time whereby we are assisting to a number of changes. However, these changes require the strengthening of our workforce mainly the teaching profession on two levels: first level those who have been in the teaching profession continue to upgrade their skills to adapt to these changes and implement these changes into the classroom and on second level those who are pursuing their studies as teachers are well prepared to enter the classroom and become the educators of Bahrain’s future society.

Thus, we carry an important role within the Bahraini society whereby we are here not only to transmit the acquired knowledge through our studies and continuous professional development, but to form children and youth who will become the future leaders of our country. Through our way of being we pass our beliefs and our attitudes which surely leave an indelible mark on the lives of those who we encounter in our schools in a positive or negative way… hopefully in a positive way!

Dr. Rania Bint Ali AlKhalifa