Mission & Vision


School. Year 2019-2020


 We inspire to become a leading school to work with families and the community to successfully educate our diverse student body to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to the world.


We envision a nurturing environment in which students are receiving excellent education and being challenged to reach their full potential – intellectually, physically, socially, and morally. Our partnership with parents and the community to provide appropriate learning opportunities for students is part of our philosophy to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

Alia National School builds a positive partnership with families and the community


● Creating a welcoming atmosphere and encourage parents to be involved in their children’s education.
● Having an open-door policy with parents and address their concerns.
● Encouraging PTA participation in strategic planning.
● Respecting differences and validating families’ culture and heritage.
● Maintaining clear communication with families about students’ progress.
● Creating opportunities for experiential learning to happen out in the community surrounding the school.
● Robust school-community connections, and explore the ways in which
community resources can contribute to the school, as well as the way in which the
school can contribute to strengthening the community.

We educate our diverse student body to achieve academic excellence through:

● Determining each student’s readiness for learning and differentiate instruction to meet their needs.
● Implementing inclusion methods where general education teachers and special education teachers work together to meet the needs of students.
● Analyzing academic data to improve students’ achievement.

We prepare our students to make positive contributions to a rapidly changing

world through:

● Fostering the skills needed to prepare students as global citizens.
● Training teachers to integrate technology in the classroom.
● Encourage Students’ creativity and the ability to engage in independent and
critical thinking

We motivate our students to reach their full potential through:

● Boosting the students’ self-esteem and preparing them to handle challenges.
● Getting students involved in the school’s life and take the lead in some areas.
● Teaching students responsibility and dedication.
● Building connections between the classroom and real-life experiences.


● Children learn best in a safe, nurturing environment that fosters positive selfesteem.
● All students are capable of learning and should be privileged to the same educational opportunities.
● Education is a shared responsibility involving student, parent, school, community.
● Prepare students with the skills necessary for them to successful individuals.
● Conduct activities that contribute to the development of students’ character and skills.
● Embrace students’ individual abilities and assist them in maximizing their potentials.
● Help students develop a positive self-concept and an acceptance of individual differences.


Our values are the acronyms that come from the name of our school ALIA:
Accepting individual differences.
Learning to keep a smile on our faces.
Identifying and addressing strengths/weaknesses and Engaging students in meaningful learning activities.
Always working as a team.

Staff and management of Alia National School are striving to provide students with an

inclusive and comprehensive balanced education through:

● Commitment to provide quality education.
● Collaborative environment by caring for each other and working together.
● Respect for other and self.
● Security by providing a safe and healthy environment that promotes learning.
● TEAM – “Together Everyone Achieves More”.